Earth at night wallpaper

di-1.jpg (386 KB)

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    Sweet Jesus… from this angle you can see all of the worthless countries that have mismanaged their economies and are now begging for the tax money I have given to the German government.

    Try this! Press your ear to the screen, juuuuust to the right of Italy and you can hear the Greek people demanding entitlements for things that they haven’t done in the past and will never do in the future! Go Greeks!


    You mad bro?


    Nah. Most Greeks are ok. And my complaint could easily have an “xxx insert nationality here”. I do find the Greek attitude pretty pathetic by even their standards.

    On the up side – I shagged a girl for a few months and she let me stay at her place. Maybe it’s just karma that Greeks want my cash now…

    Yo mamma

    Are you sure that the title is an accurate description? There appears to be connections between continents. I suspect that those lines may represent undersea cables, and the image itself is not the world at night, but maybe internet/telecom backbones…or shipping channels, or something else. Anyone have any clue as to the source of the image?

    tiki god

    those look like shipping lanes to me