weyland – yutani corp LOGO WALLPAPER

weyland - yutani corp LOGO WALLPAPER

I’d like to see one of their “better worlds”

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    from Cracked: The Business Plan: 1. Capture the universe’s most dangerous, uncontrollable creature. 2. ??? 3. Profit. What They Did Wrong: Let’s face it, alien xenomorphs are a terrible investment. They don’t follow orders, you can’t trap or control them and the only way they can breed is by killing every human in the vicinity. Nevertheless, where every sane person sees an unstoppable plague of violent death from beyond the moons, the megacorporation from the Alien series sees only profit. How? Well, that’s never quite clear. As the story progresses over four films, it becomes embarrassingly apparent that Weyland-Yutani, supposedly… Read more »


    Copy pasta, but funny, so plus vote.

    The Alien films imply a sort of Corporate Oligarchy when it comes to Weyland – Yutani corp. Since they’ve probably hedged out all competition, they haven’t had to make decisions in a competitive environment in a while. That probably explains their poor decisions in the films.


    Step 1: Terraform planet with the help of humans.
    Step 2: Deploy XWMDs.
    Step 3: Send a few androids to run the mining machines set up by the now dead humans.
    Step 4: Profit without having to pay wages.


    I actually found the 360 AVP game in a bargain bin today. I know it got bad reviews, but I’m really enjoying the multilayer. It’s hard to find players online, unfortunately.