So apparently cats ARE breakable

Went over to my mother’s place for the holiday, taking my two dogs with me and leaving the two cats at my house.  72 hours later, I return to the house to find that one of my cats had broken her front leg, both the radius and the ulna bones had been completely broken.  The kicker is that I didn’t find out because I heard her crying, I just noticed that she was limping around and wasn’t walking on that one leg.  Even when I picked her up and moved her leg around she didn’t make a single sound, such a stoic cat, lol.  She’s not letting on as to how she managed to do this, my only guess is that she was jumping from something that she ought not be jumping from.

Anyways, $400 later and she’s had a couple x-rays and is in a splint, and is all drugged up right now.

Ugh.  I also have the flu, which is making this holiday like the most amazing thing ever.

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    casemods UID# 667

    $400 = a new cat

    just saying.


    My kitty broke it leg a while back. I got its leg stuck between the fence and it tried to get out which just made it worse. It took longer to heal because she still kept jumping everywhere but she’s alright now

    Tiggle Bitties

    I hope your kitty is okay! 🙁


    My wife works at an Emergency Animal Hospital. After hearing a few stories about how much those bills can cost (you wouldn’t believe how much people spend), I now have pet insurance for my dog.

    Only like $20ish a month, and when my dog got sick the bill came out to a few hundred bucks. Got like 80% of it back…totally worth it knowing that I don’t worry about money being the issue when it comes to deciding on a procedure that could possibly save my best friend’s life.

    I fucking love my dog.

    Luke Magnifico

    I bet the other cat did it.

    fracked again

    I don’t know how one of our cats hasn’t managed to do this to herself. She used to race around the house at mach cat speed, try to climb the doorframes, jump over furniture, hop up on the railing of the “balcony” overlooking the living room, race along it, hop down, race down the stairs and repeat. Twice that I have seen, she missed the balcony jump and ended up going splat. She hasn’t done the railing part of her time trial in a few years. In fact, she doesn’t jump up on that railing very often anymore.

    She is the world’s dumbest and sweetest cat, simultaneously.


    They all are. Being deaf, my kitty isn’t as…uh…graceful as most cats. It’s been heartbreaking and entertaining, simultaneously.


    My cat, DC, (aka Dumb Cat) was 18 pounds and three feet long from nose to tail. We lived in Alaska, and one day DC decided to climb inside the engine compartment of our neighbors car and cuddle up to the radiator. The next morning, the neighbor TRIED to start his car. He thought the engine had blown! He opened the hood- and “MMRRREEEOOOOWWW!!!!” out came DC in a cloud of dust and fur. He had taken a trip on the fan! When he came home, he had a deep cut on his jaw- it cut off his whiskers. And he cut the tendons in his hind leg. He was in a cast for a long time. Not only did he stop a Chevy small block from starting- but he did an excellent job of cleaning the radiator! DC- RIP. He was one bad ass cat.

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