Top 10 gifts to give a Liberal

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    Oh God, I just took a look at Words can’t describe how little regard I’d hold for anyone who manages to find any of that funny.

    Not to mention, it apparently alleges that Kim Kardashian works for a living…

    Props to them for making fun of someone “on their side” (Newt), but even those are utterly unfunny.



    One of the best ways to distract people is to play them against one another – to exaggerate their differences and create a binary through which their discontent will crash in waves upon one another instead of resisting those who actually abuse the power given them.

    Through this binary, we see radical ideals of both sides flourish, and those radicals find safety in their own rhetoric.

    Long story short, there are people who whole-heartedly believe that horseshit. What, to them, is comedy, I find terrifying.

    That shit is toxic.


    Politicians are fucking retarded. But their followers sometimes make them look just a wee bit less retarded.


    On another note, Conservatives fail at humor.


    I don’t get it, maybe because I’m a foreigner, but why is each item funny ?

    fracked again

    Don’t worry, you aren’t missing anything.


    The funny thing is that in 1776 the patriots WERE the liberals –

    And doesn’t “Patriot to English dictionary” imply that Patriots don’t speak English? So why are they complaining about multilingual education?

    If America is an English speaking nation, aren’t THEY the foreign language speakers?


    Well, I thought ‘Inaction Figure’ was funny


    It was in 1977 when it was first used on Carter. Now it’s just old hat.

    tiki god

    the sad thing is, the occupy people are actually taking action.


    Republicans have no sense of humor, yet they watch Bill O’Reilly.

    You can’t explain that.


    Most of these were funny.

    Of course, people usually have trouble laughing at themselves.


    Dingdingding, we have a winner.


    That’s so weird: how did they find time to attempt humor? I thought they were so busy: denying evolution, climate change, a 4-billion year old earth instead of a 10k year old earth; invading the wrong countries; shortchanging our army on needed armaments during a Republican administration, then blaming it on the succeeding one; not correctly budgeting said war, so true cost is hidden; willfully neglecting to pursue the actual perpetrators of 9/11; persecuting non-Christians; persecuting Christians who aren’t correctly Christian; worshiping fetuses; worshiping automatic weapons; shooting themselves with guns; arguing that the good old days of senators being appointed… Read more »