When facebook became more important than sex

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it must have been a sad, sad day

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    Kik Dogg

    I remember that day. It was May 17, 2008, and I had spent the morning looking at internet porn. After a naked lunch I had a friend over and we fucked like bunnies all afternoon long. Then I went out for a dinner of caviar and raw oysters, where I made a hook-up and we got out of there early, bringing the unfinished bottle of champagne with us. We went to his place, where he showed me this awesome online Kama sutra resource. Before I knew it the night had bled into Sunday. Good times.

    Also, what is facebook?


    Not as good as the fabled blowjob craze of Christmas ’05


    Wow. I was just going to point out the interesting spikes every Christmas, but your link….wow.


    Who googles “sex” though? I google “redhead teen choking on dick” or “oral creampie compilation” and so forth.

    Oh and wtf about the blowjob one hehe – wonder if some celeb leaked a bj video around that time.


    What the fuck is wrong with you?