FedEx hates UPS

FedEx hates UPS

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    I work the midnight sort loading trucks at fedex and oddly enough we ship ups boxes.


    I ordered a bunch of computer stuff during Christmas, 2 power supplies and a 24″ monitor among them.

    So I check the tracking numbers of my stuff online and it says my monitor was damaged in transit and was sent back to the manufacturer. I go to Fed-ex to pick up the rest of my packages (since I wasn’t at home when they tried to deliver them), and among them I pick up the monitor but the power supplies are no where to be found. I notice this discrepancy right as I was about to drive off, and inquire within. Turns out they damaged my power supplies, not the monitor, and assigned the that information to the wrong tracking number.

    How did they damage them? They ran them over with the Fed Ex truck.

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