Penis size chart

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    I’m not satisfying.


    I first saw this picture about 3 years ago, and since I had a measuring tape just sitting on my desk, I got down to some measuring. As it turned out, the length & girth reported by women to be “perfect” worked out as roughly the length & girth of my forearm. Three years later, every suggestion I’ve made to a woman that they might enjoy fucking something the size of my forearm has been met with horror and fear. This leads me to one of two conclusions:

    1) Women are lying
    2) Bitches can’t measure


    It’s in centimeters you plebeian!


    Stop picking on the midget, tg.


    I’m a B. 🙂

    agzed. it’s in CM not inches. Derp.

    If your forearm is 7-8 inches long you have a problem.

    >Bitches can’t measure.


    Maybe he has short arms?


    Can someone translate this is a Standard measurement please. Thank you .


    If you’re not familiar with the metric system, open a new tab to Google. Type “X cm in inches”. X being the number you want converted. Google will convert it for you.


    I know how to convert, I simple do not know why someone would post a chart in a non-standard format, that artificially inflates measurements to make them seem larger then they are.


    Perhaps whoever made this chart lives in the civilized world where they don’t use hands, feet, and thumbs to measure things?

    Get with the program.


    It pains me to say this, but someone would probably equate the metric system to socialism in my beloved country.


    18.5 cm =7.28 inches
    16 cm = 6.3 inches
    A beer can is about 8.25 inches in circumference


    Yeah, no clue where they got their info, but it’s a lie.


    I have never measured my penis. Not sure why but never felt compelled to actually put a measure against it. That said, I have an estimate and I’m happy with it (almost always).

    However, I think I’d like to point out that the chart above looks like the head of a golf club.


    for length im a b for girth im an E, apparently a girth of 19cm is just too much :\

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