Stoner Flag

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my myspace layout


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    i miss those days… thanks jai for getting that dro hookup for thxgvng! nice to walk around baked out of your mind with a shotgun in ur hand…


    Lol. Typo on a stoner flag. Somehow it works.


    So God likes murder too? I should go out and kill people just for a good time? Makes sense.


    Tardex: That is a nonsensical leap.


    Wow, I think that’s one of the shittiest leaps of logic I have ever seen.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Wow you must be high as shit.


    I wish I were high.


    I think he’s just pointing out the fallacy of saying that something is good because (according to weedflags personal beliefs) god lets it exist.

    got nothin against weed. but weedflag makes a silly argument.

    /overly in depth analysis of weedflag


    DeFlandres: What he’s pointing out is just as obvious as the fact that his approach was flawed.


    wow. facepalms all around


    >my myspace layout
    >my myspace


    Yeah that is lame


    I lol’d.


    hay guys marijuana lol




    this pic is so weed-nerd.


    The excessive use of exclamation marks is a sure sign of an insane mind.


    This has got to be the queerest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Someday, even if you end up being an adult who smokes weed, you will look back at this as a cringeworthy reminder of what a jackass you were.


    The whole stoner culture really pisses me off. I’ve tried weed, it’s nice, and if I had access to it I would probably smoke it. Not only are the majority of stoners complete idiots, but the idea of an entire sub-culture that revolves around a goddamn plant is retarded.


    I’m with you, bob. I don’t mind a little now and then, but when full-time smokers try to claim identity in some kind of subculture…yeah, that part pisses me off.


    Pot is a plant that grows in the ground, so since it’s natural it must be good… yeah, just like curare. 😀


    ohmybob: MikeBabaguh: wow, your ignorance astounds me you lame wads


    real smokers dont consider themselves as ‘stoners’& certainly dont advertise it


    kuTTer: nah man real weed smokers don’t do think weed is cool and if you don’t smoke your uncool bs. they smoke it maturly and responsible and that i respect


    this reads like it was written by a middle schooler…



    Just propagating the reason most intelligent weed smokers are down-right embarrassed to be associated with “potheads”. They’re fucking retarded. It’s just a drug. Not some magical fairy that can cure aids and unite humanity. Get over it and yourself. You’re just as pompous as people who drink at Starbucks as a status symbol. You’re also just as dumb.

    Luke Magnifico

    Fucking self righteous stoners.

    If you want to smoke, that’s fine, good for you.

    But don’t fucking call me a prep because I don’t or I will destroy you.


    Supervillain you are officially a moron, and retarded all at the same time, most likely you are retarded from your mom drinking and smoking weed while she was pregnant with you, but putting that on your myspace profile is probably one of the stupidest things you can do, mostly because no one cares about you wanting to be a stoner….Better yet, why don’t you take a bunch of Oxycontin’s drink a fifth of vodka take some ambient and go to bed…..


    good idea

    let the stoners have their own country so they can all **** off and live there away from us


    nicely put man


    LukeV1-5: Prep


    THIS is why people think stoners are,… well,… stupid. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate pot or people that smoke it but this kinda of stuff doesn’t help your cause. I smoke daily but don’t flaunt it. There is no need mainly because it is not a primary focus in my life. If you ever want pot to be legal quit making everyone think all people that smoke it are fucking retards and be a contributing member of society (which you may or may not be already).Then you will have a voice for your cause.


    Not really a jump at all. Those two lines are an informal fallacy, that is, they are trying to prove a point by something other then logic and reason. In this case, the fallacy is a fallacy of relevance. More specifically it is an appeal to force. You are using the opinion of someone in a position of power to prove your point, rather then logic.

    In this case, the logic presented by “If God didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be around” is that anything that God doesn’t like does not exist. If you take that logic and apply it to, other real life situations, you are left with the fact that nothing can be bad in the eyes of God because if it was, it would not exist. So from there you can say that murder is good in the eyes of God because it exists and to say otherwise is balderdash because you cannot perform an action that does not exist. And in its existence, it proves that it must be good.

    That is, under these conditions.

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