Neighbor dispute

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    More of this 2006 story can be found here:

    but the bottom line is that the pissed off neighbor considered the vent to be an “abstract cactus” (yeah, right) but also removed the artwork when the city councilman apologized.


    Government run amuck; there should have never been an ordinance telling a person how high they could have a roof. Additionally the city approved the plans, which in my mind would count as an approved waver, although I find the idea that a city would have to approve the plans for my home on my property offensive. Not to mention that the home would have been within the ordance once landscaping was done. What his neighbor did was clearly harassment, and if it had been me I’d have refused to take it down until he paid me the 25 grand… Read more »


    add to that the licenses to have pets, license to own a business, permit for a building on the land that you purchased, etc etc etc. fuck the govt


    Riverton NOT having any restrictions on trees and seeing as how the climate there works for Lombardy Poplars (which will grove over 100 foot tall) I’d be making a hedge of the damn things. City Councilman Easton had had the option to buy the lot on which Mr. Wood was building his house, so I have NO sympathy for the City Councilman.