wouldn’t it be nice

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    Yeah because schools stop invasions right? Stupid fucking naive hippy kid


    invasions? when was the last time america was invaded ass clown. hm. oh i know. NEVER.


    umm did the towers slip your mind shit head? and have you seen the southern border?


    Have you seen where America ranks in education? And how much resources have been wasted in Iraq/Afghanistan?


    That’s still not invasion, it’s small-scale attack, the likes of which slip under the security radar in a lot of counties with large armed forces.

    Our superiority is in training “elite” units and military hardware (munitions, armor, communications). China and Russia could field larger infantries.

    Right now, we’re paying for all that as an intimidation game against our superpower rivals and deterrence to rising powers (Cold War strategy). It doesn’t actually protect us from unconventional attacks.


    thank you Cy. fuck you mongo. loid.


    The War of 1812. The British invaded. They captured burned Washington D.C. to the ground.


    oops, should be “captured & burned”


    FAIL. Schools will never stop asking for money. More superintendants and assistants = less money for actual education.


    Wouldn’t it be nice if parents didn’t make their child advocate something they didn’t understand.

    Kik Dogg

    Somebody tell this kid she’s a repost.


    Perhaps we could treat teachers the same way as military personnel. Require them to maintain knowledge standards, weight standards, fitness standards, and pay them the same pay. Starting pay for an Enlisted person straight out of boot camp is $600 a paycheck, that’s $1200 a month. This ensures that money is saved and that schools will have proper money for educating children. Just remember, that if you become a teacher or join the military, you aren’t there to make money you are there to make a difference. Or get an education, or make rank, or get retirement benefits.


    So we should create housing for those teachers? And pay for their clothing and food? And let them retire after 20 years? And give them money for their student loans and other shit?

    That sounds like a cheaper alternative. Because lord knows the money we spend on “defense” is so little of the country’s budget.


    In my original comment I did not take the factors you stated such as housing, clothing, food, and retirement into consideration. If these factors were included than your point is completely valid and my is not. I would have to say that the cheaper alternative to all of this is possibly to just let teacher continue to complain and fight for better wages and more support. The cheaper alternative to our defense budget with our military would be to pull out of all wars. I know its not likely at all but wars are expensive. I know that the cost… Read more »


    The argument is largely that enough of the private sector sees business through military contracts that “war” or even smaller-scale “peacekeeping missions” see more profit than cost (at least for those that profit). So just saying, “pull out of all current wars” satisfies one group involved, but not another. I’d personally say, if industry can turn around and go from making cars to bombers (WWII analogy), you can turn right back around and find another market to develop and sell to if you no longer service a large contract to the armed forces (clothing and apparel is a huge contract,… Read more »


    Sweet mother of God someone on the Internet admitted the other guy is right

    I may now die, I have seen everything


    It is always best to admit your mistakes and failures. If you do not allow yourself to do so than you prevent yourself from learning how to not perform the same mistake again. Failure is the opportunity to learn something new.


    It’s 400k, given out over the course of years. Military experience-fag here.


    I believe they just raised it to $500k this year. I know that I haven’t resigned the forms as of yet but I did receive an email from Military.com stating that it was raised to $500k just this year. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I resign my forms. Cheers.


    We spend more than just about anyone else. As we continue to spend more it seems that the quality of education declines. Money is not the answer; we need implement actual standards and if the little buttercup can’t meet standards than they are held back, for their own good.

    Have an Evil day


    Same thing I was saying to my father the other day; if the kids can’t cut it at some point, you hold them back until they can. No more hand holding. Probably see a rise in violence in schools (frustrations about stigma from those who are held back leads to bullying, etc.) and a smaller pool of hirable college graduates each year, but at this point, I’d rather have a smarter, more successful graduating class than everybody feeling good about themselves until several years out of school when they find out they can’t do anything well.


    oooo or pay school taxes to the state instead of the federal gov’t. I’m not sure 40 cents on the dollar kickbacks from the fed is a great deal. then again i’m a product of federally subsidized public state schools…


    I don’t get this. That’s how civilized countries work.


    Here is food for thought. We spend just as much (if not more) for Education as we do for Defense. Yes the Department of Education is one tenth that of the Department of Defense, but how much of any schools budget comes from the Federal Government? Ten Percent? Usually less, more like Five Percent. The rest comes from State and Local Sources like Property Taxes. Any money the Feds give our Local School Districts first comes from Us after they take their cut out of it.


    School> Military/ War Machine