Group In Flight Refuel


I’ve never seen a refuel done with multiple aircraft before

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    correct me if im wrong, but the Navy Uses a “basket” refueling system to refuel in mirair, allowing for multiple aorcraft at once. The Air Force prefers the “probe”, so its limited to one Aircraft at a time


    The only thing the AirForce probes is the Navy. Have a Hooah Army Day.

    Gooooo Army!!!


    Anyone know what fighters those are?


    I don’t think the image is real. Four aircraft being refuelled at the same time is a nightmare for all the pilots involved. One miscalculation and they’re all screwed.


    You might be right. We all know what happened to the xb-70 with the f-104. Right?


    Of course, if this IS Navy, then there is nothing to worry about, as all Navy pilots are as badass as the Blue Angels themselves.

    General X

    It very unlikely that multiple midair refueling are done today. Seems like they wanted to test a bad idea in that pic.


    Multiple midair refueling is apparently quite often even in these days from what i gather.

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