Honest Chris Brown album review

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    “NO STARS EVER” I can’t upvote this enough.


    I’m a big fan of “vote with your feet” – if you don’t support this kind of shit, walk away.


    My god!..an honest review that hasn’t been sanitized or censored. There is good in the world.

    I honestly hope that Chris Brown reads that review, his reaction will be too funny.


    who is chris brown?


    So Chris Brown gets shit on for beating Rihanna? I wonder this critic does for every Rapper who served time in jail and every Rockstar that gets wasted on cocaine.

    tiki god

    no, but it’s a meme to hate on people that beat on women.

    fracked again

    Wait… Are you actually trying to make hitting women less of a bad thing?


    No, Nancy Grace, I’m not. I’m simply stating that Brown’s assault charge should have no bearing on his album review. And if you believe it’s relevant, then do the same for the Rappers who shoot people and sell drugs to their communities and the Rockers who do the drugs and glamorize it.

    Or you can be a professional and keep your fucking opinions on social issues separate from your reviews.


    People (rappers or not) who shoot people (outside of self defense) should get the same treatment. And beating a person or animal sure as fuck should get the same treatment.
    Too many fucked up assholes blinded by hero worship of people that have never been heroes.

    fracked again

    When did not hitting women become a social issue instead of just being a decent human being? What century are you living in? Hitting women is not an important “social” issue to you. I think we get it.


    Holy shit are you mad for no reason. “Are you trying to say hitting women isn’t against the Geneva Convention?!” “No, I’m not. I’m simply saying…” “OMG HE DOESN’T THINK MEN SHOULD BE SENT TO SIBERIAN GULAGS FOR HITTING WOMEN WALK INTO THE 21ST ASSHOLE!” Yes, hitting your woman is wrong. No, there’s no excuse to put your hands on a loved one. Simple enough for you to calm down? Good. Now. As a professional critic/journalist, you’re paid to at least give the impression of non-bias and objectivity. You aren’t being paid to tell me what you think about any… Read more »

    fracked again

    Did you notice that the reviewer does review the album as well as criticize him as a person? Of course not. Because you saw a “social” issue.

    Get your own column reviewing music and do what you want.

    fracked again

    Hey, here is the part from the review just for you:

    “And for those of you out there saying you need to separate the music and the man; screw you, don’t encourage his actions.”


    Fuck Chris Brown. That’s all.