Being left-handed in The Middle Ages

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they’d have tarred and feathered me.

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    *sniff* Story of my life. We really are a persecuted race.


    I guess this is why they named the left hand “sinister”.




    that’s exactly why! The idea is that we can attack castles better. Spiral staircases were designed to put an invader’s (usually advancing up the stairs) sword arm against the wall, hindering freedom of movement, while the defending swordsman attacking down had a full range of motion. A left handed person would be untroubled by this design, and therefore, compelled from birth to invade some fuckin’ staircases.


    True story: All the men in my family are leftys. I went to a Catholic school in the 70’s, and the “torture penguins” didn’t bother to ask what hand I was when they taught us to write. “Take your pencil in your right hand” is what they said. I did it out of fear because in kindergarten, Sister Costello (real name) told me to behave or she would CRUCIFY me ( I was 6 ). To this day, when anyone looks at my cursive writing, everyone says, “you write like your left handed”, and I tell them this story. The… Read more »


    Yea, my old man was a lefty and had it beaten out of him. Still uses tools, catches things etc. with his left but couldn’t write left handed now to save his life.
    God knows what kind of beating I would have got for being “too stupid to know colours” (colourblind).


    a lefty, a ginger, AND colorblind?!??

    someone buy this guy a drink already


    Dude, that’s the tip of the iceberg. Lepers wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot poll!


    when i was learning to write, i had difficulty deciding which hand to write with. i probably would have chosen my left hand, but i had a teacher that used to stand behind me and hit my hand with a ruler when i wrote with my left hand… and this was in a public school… later on in life, i learned to work on a wood-lathe, and i confused the instructor who wanted me to hold the tools backwards (i.e. “right handed”) and i couldn’t do it. somewhat later i learned to juggle, and became quite good… and then i… Read more »