Kurrgo, Master of Planet X

Kurrgo_Master_of_Planet_X.JPG (578 KB)

From Fantastic Four #7 (1962). I\’ve been reading the original Stan Lee/Jack Kirby FF run off and on for the last couple of years, and this guy struck me as the funniest looking thing that the King ever drew, as well as being one of the most hilariously arrogant villains I\’ve ever come across.

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    I have a bunch of the originals somewhere, I need to find those. They were my uncle’s and he left them when he went off to the Marine’s. My only access to comics until my late teens were a bunch of old Fantastic Four’s, Iron Man, etc and I read them over and over again.


    I found the text bubble hilarious for some reason.


    Some even more hilarious monsters/villains by Kirby & others: monsterblog.oneroom.org/meet_the_monsters/


    I find it funny that he’s been monitoring them for “weeks” from “light years” away.


    Kurrgo is such an asshole


    wow. lol indeed. anyone have anymore quotes? its like everything he says is t-shirt worthy.


    Sticky: Which means he’s watching them when they’re young… by the time he gets to earth, the Fantastic Four will be Fantastic Six (feet under).