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    Formating doesn’t erase stuff*.
    Also, encryption.


    a Zero-fill format does. But really, just do like the bad guy in the live action Spawn movie…rig an explosive in your computer to a implanted heart-beat monitor in your chest.


    Although the Spawn method is tempting.
    I’ve always been wondering if it can be applied to suicide bombers as a failsafe.


    can and is…called a dead-man’s switch.


    I know about it, ad it’s not the same – one needs action, the other doesn’t. The one that needs (Dead man’s switch), is also suspicious and not so failsafe – to fail, that is to not explode, one just need to keep it pressed, pushed.
    The heart monitor can only fail if a guy is living, and that’s where a secondary detonator comes in, or even the owner of monitored heart.

    Even American movie industry knows this:


    the device actively checking for a heartbeat keeps the fail-state enabled…same as a button being held down…or a piece of software that polls for input every few hours.
    They are all dead-man’s switches.
    Ones that fail on release are sometimes called “Live-man” or “Vigilance”…like the grip-lever on a train that rings an alarm and cuts down the speed unless the engineer holds it.

    tiki god

    you’re right, but at the same time, the goodwill style estate sale won’t result in many people that are after the previous owner’s precious datas


    Never said they would.
    Just said that the expected result, won’t be achieved with the suggested method.