this is what’s left for us

this is what's left for us


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    welcome to obamacare

    Alec Dalek

    Yeah, 3 years ago there was absolutely no pollution. And you and you mom were only smoking 3 bags of crack a day.


    Myth # 1: Americans get most of their yearly radiation dose from nuclear power plants.
    Truth: We are surrounded by naturally occurring radiation. Only 0.005% of the average American’s yearly radiation dose comes from nuclear power; 100 times less than we get from coal [1], 200 times less than a cross-country flight, and about the same as eating 1 banana per year [2].

    Myth # 2: A nuclear reactor can explode like a nuclear bomb.
    Truth: It is impossible for a reactor to explode like a nuclear weapon; these weapons contain very special materials in very particular configurations, neither of which are present in a nuclear reactor.

    Myth #3: Nuclear energy is bad for the environment.
    Truth: Nuclear reactors emit no greenhouse gasses during operation. Over their full lifetimes, they result in comparable emissions to renewable forms of energy such as wind and solar [3]. Nuclear energy requires less land use than most other forms of energy.

    Myth # 4: Nuclear energy is not safe.
    Truth: Nuclear energy is as safe or safer than any other form of energy available. No member of the public has ever been injured or killed in the entire 50-year history of commercial nuclear power in the U.S. In fact, recent studies have shown that it is safer to work in a nuclear power plant than an office [4].

    Myth # 5: There is no solution for huge amounts of nuclear waste being generated.
    Truth: All of the used nuclear fuel generated in every nuclear plant in the past 50 years would fill a football field to a depth of less than 10 yards, and 96 % of this “waste” can be recycled [5]. Used fuel is currently being safely stored. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the equivalent scientific advisory panels in every major country support geological disposal of such wastes as the preferred safe method for their ultimate disposal[6].

    Myth # 6: Most Americans don’t support nuclear power.
    Truth: In surveys conducted in 2009, it was found that 70% of Americans support nuclear power [7]. Further, 84% of Americans see nuclear energy as an important source of electricity for the future, and 70% would accept a new reactor at the nearest nuclear power plant site.

    Myth # 7: An American “Chernobyl” would kill thousands of people.
    Truth: A Chernobyl-type accident could not have happened outside of the Soviet Union because this type of reactor was never built or operated here. The known fatalities during the Chernobyl accident were mostly emergency first responders [8]. Of the people known to have received a high radiation dose, the increase in cancer incidence is too small to measure due to other causes of cancer such as air pollution and tobacco use.

    Myth # 8: Nuclear waste cannot be safely transported.
    Truth: Used fuel is being safely shipped by truck, rail, and cargo ship today. To date, thousands of shipments have been transported with no leaks or cracks of the specially-designed casks [9].

    Myth # 9: Used nuclear fuel is deadly for 10,000 years.
    Truth: Used nuclear fuel can be recycled to make new fuel and byproducts [10]. Most of the waste from this process will require a storage time of less than 300 years. Finally, less than 1% is radioactive for 10,000 years. This portion is not much more radioactive than some things found in nature, and can be easily shielded to protect humans and wildlife.

    Myth # 10: Nuclear energy can’t reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
    Truth: Nuclear-generated electricity powers electric trains and subway cars as well as autos today. It has also been used in propelling ships for more than 50 years. That use can be increased since it has been restricted by unofficial policy to military vessels and ice breakers. In the near-term, nuclear power can provide electricity for expanded mass-transit and plug-in hybrid cars. Small modular reactors can provide power to islands like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Nantucket and Guam that currently run their electrical grids on imported oil. In the longer-term, nuclear power can directly reduce our dependence on foreign oil by producing hydrogen for use in fuel cells and synthetic liquid fuels.


    Myth #11: asians do are good at school
    Truth: they are fucking nerds


    some asians do are good at school because their parent’s make them do are good.

    i was never do are good at school.


    I believe you, you look Asian.


    Myth #12: This FAQ is interesting.
    Truth: It’s not. tl;dr

    Think Tank

    It’s totally safe, because everyone knows 3 Mile Island was caused by Deadpool and Wolverine fighting.


    As a former Navy Nuke, I agree with ian356094. Most of our issues with nuclear power is political. We use Uranium because it is easier to mask our military use of U235. We don’t use breeder reactors because it is too easy for our enemies to create weapons from the tailings. We don’t recycle waste (and concentrate the nasty stuff, like the French), because it make plutonium easily available. We never went to the the Thorium cycle because it cannot be made (easily) into a weapon. Fukishima was a total fuck up because it should have been shut down and replaced 20 years ago, but was cheaper to re-license because the (nimby) red tape was preventing it’s better engineered replacement. Fukishima and 3 Mile Island (And Yankee Vermont) happened because of regulatory capture.

    The US Navy did a point of doing it (nearly) right, because we did not want to get blocked from taking our nuclear subs into sooooo many different foreign ports (along with our thermo-nuclear devices).


    That’s not smoke, that’s steam. What’s ‘left for us” based on that image is rain, and I could go for some of that right about now.


    >implying that nuclear power creates smoke.

    adrian wallace

    WELL ITS UP TO US TO FIX IT think about it

    Otto Jakutowicz

    I am pretty sure that is a coal power plant, which sometimes uses cooling towers.


    cheap energy forever!!!!!


    i find it bullshit about the part that the Chernobyl accident didn’t physically damage a lot of people.


    Is this a damned All State commercial??? WTF.


    yeah gook boy, chernobyl did damage a lot of people. i lived in the former USSR when it happened and many years past that. you americans are fucking morons and know shit about anything that’s beyond the borders of your local shithole state.

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