Zion National Park 2

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    What a big dumb bitch.


    I hope you don’t mind me asking, storm, but how old are you?


    When I turned 42 I joked that I was 21 w/ 21 years of experience.


    what is it with the hate on this posts? I found em to be cool posts and better than big dumb bitch casemods posts


    I concur.

    Atkinson gets to post every plane ever built and anime chicks.
    Casemods posts the most innane douchebaggery
    I post random Russian military stuff and anime armor.

    This is amazing scenery, keep them coming.


    I gotta know, how many miles you got on that HD Storm? That thing seems well traveled. I’ll be upping some bike pics soon. I had posted my wreck here awhile back, but I’m back in the saddle with a nice little selection of wheels. If your ever cruising southern California, give a shout out.


    If you have ever ridden through Orange County (given said info I would guess you have) you must have stopped at Cooks Corner. It’s a pretty old biker bar with history, and I’m becoming a regular. It’s about an hour or so ride to Hells Kitchen off Ortega highway that drops ya to Lake Elsinore. Again, you’ve covered a lot of pavement so it might be old news to ya ha. It’s a good spot in California for canyons.

    jizz in my pants