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the sour losers of the world

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    I’m Canadian and I agree with this.

    Personally I think hockey is a joke; why should a bunch of sweaty guys get paid millions to chase around a black disc while children die all over the world from malnutrition. Get a real job assholes.

    Let’s protest the lose of a game where every year they try to attain the same goal; a metal cup that serves no purpose in life. If they spent that much energy, time and money on rebuilding nations in turmoil we would all be better of.




    I feel the same way about every major sport. But hey, it’s just human culture. If it entertains people, why not make a career out of it, right? You could say the same thing about actors or musicians. It’s all entertainment.

    Personally, the only thing I would care to watch is fighting sports like MMA fights and whatnot, since you can actually take those skills into the real world and have them work for you.


    Yeah I know. Americans never protest anything!


    As a Canadian, think about it this way….
    If we’ll do this over a lost hockey game, what do you think we’d do if we had an oppressive government….

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    We did. Then everyone smartened up and voted for Harper. Canada will be entirely right wing governed soon. Except Quebec but that just the new haven for organized crime anyway.


    40% is not everyone. Your Grade 3 math skills are cute!


    Hocky is GAY


    Burn motherfucker, burn.


    Yeah, we had a riot. That’s what happens when you mix alcohol, testosterone, disappointment and a bunch of anarchists ready to go, no matter how the game went. Who walks around with Molotov cocktails if they doesn’t t intent to use them? It wasn’t like every person who went to the game went and riotted, like all things in this vein, its a particular group and people are little better then sheep. Same can be said for the multitudes of soccer riots the plague Europe and some of the more notable American riots. Heres a fun collection: We’ve had… Read more »


    WOW! Just, WOW!