Republican Senator Roy McDonald

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Republican Senator Roy McDonald takes a stand for basic human rights in New York, USA – New York will be the sixth, and largest, state in the union to adopt gay marriage. Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law at 11:15pm on Friday, June 24 – which means the law will take effect on July 24, 2011.

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    Definitely a hero. Here’s the bravest person in Washington right now.


    except that he’s not in Washington.


    Good job.




    This guy isn’t the only decent Republican out there. Minnesota state Rep. John Kriesel is bucking the party line too.

    He makes a speech about it here that is pretty fucking awesome:


    I think we are going to see a lot more Republicans breaking ranks in the coming months. My brother (he’s a Republican organizer) tells me that their is a growing divide between those that side with the Tea Party and those that do not.

    He thinks that the right-wing has moved so far to the right that it has allowed the left wing to appear more moderate. He hates that situation and so do some others.

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