Marijuana. Not even once.

Fuck that. I don’t want to get hepatitis and aych eye vee


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    How do you spread communicable diseases by smoking weed? I thought that only happened with needles.


    Well, actually, the popular thing to do among kids nowadays is to inject weed directly into the eyeballs. As you may guess, they love sharing the needles they use for this, so hepatitis and HIV transmission rates are on the rise amongst marijuana abusers.


    You’re full of shit


    You don’t understand the joke.


    I know you can get Hep through almost any body fluid, but HIV I don’t think so cuz my folks knew someone with it and lived with him and they mixed up toothbrushes and stuff. Passing a joint doesn’t seem like it has enough saliva transfer that it would make a massive difference, but I mean just ask and maybe roll a couple stubbies if you’re worried.


    You need to drink 2 gallons of saliva to get HIV. Don’t ask me how I know that.


    I wouldn’t mix toothbrushes with ANYONE.
    That’s fucked up, yo.


    There isn’t even a “marijuana: not even once campaign”. You know why? IT’S A FUCKING PLANT. And also, if you google it this page is the fourth result.


    Cocas are plants.
    Poppies are plants.
    Hemlock’s a whole genus of plants.
    Just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it won’t fuck you up.

    fracked again

    Looks like we are back to the “every drug is as bad as crack crossed with heroin” prevention campaigns.

    Insanely Rational

    This is a photoshop of the ad here:

    And it’s about Meth, not marijuana.


    This is just a silly shop. How many people out there have smoked weed and then said to themselves “you know what? Let’s do some H and fuck hookers in Vegas!” Uh…weed…not a “gateway” drug. Coke…gateway. Meth…gateway. You can’t acquire any disease from smoking a bowl or joint….except maybe Strep throat.


    I smoke weed but I don’t feel inclined to do anything else. Except shrooms. Once. But I wanted to do that since before I started smoking weed.


    Your mom is a gateway drug


    I don’t understand
    Why are you being so mean?
    You’re a mean mean man




    The term “gateway drug” is bullshit.
    If someone is inclined towards mind altering substances they’ll probably find weed along the way because it is easily available. Before that they probably tried caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Why focus on marijuana? If it’s because it’s the first illegal drug they tried then again, that’s just because it’s readily available, cheap, safe and easy to use.


    cashmods (UID# 17107) Poorly-rated…



    Normally you can’t, unless your so wasted you don’t know what’s going on, and get butt fucked by every passerby.
    Also, I’m shocked people even considered it a legit poster.
    Also #2 “Swinging, not even once”, “Sluts, not even once”, would be a better shop.


    shitty troll is shit

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.

    You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?


    you cant get hep or hiv from smoking pot, yes it is a gateway drug for some, depends on ya personality and if your a dumbcunt or not, i smoke pot 2-3 times a week just a little here n there, and ive never done any other drugs, been smoking 3 years


    If one is of an ‘addictive personality’ and going through pressures in which they feel unable to cope – they will abuse substances. Be it booze, crack or huffing paint. They’ll end up fucked either way.

    A little recreational substance use is not a problem. There are many members of the animal kingdom that share our interest in getting squiffy. Its natural man.

    Its illegal for one reason – it would ruin the alcohol / tobacco trade. By ruin I mean they would lose a lot of revenue.


    In all seriousness, method of consumption and quality of herb comes into play here.

    If you bought a block of ‘soap bar’ in the uk – and just ate it, you would put yourself at risk from hep because of the anti-pestisicides. If you insist on eating rather than smoking, you must cook it in the proper manner, or use a pan and render all the shit out. I don’t know who in their right mind would eat soap bar like a snack. Just saying.

    And whilst I’m on my soap box (hahah pun intended) – ‘gateway drug’ is a bullshit term cooked up by the governments. You cannot have legal substances that can be abused – booze, tobacco, a whole industry of pills and potions – and then pick one (completely natural) substance and say it is responsible for all the drug fiends out there. Weed grows. You can literally pick it and smoke it. The idea that a plant is illegal is so far removed from reality that laws like this will not last. Its fucking ridiculous. I’ve taken other controlled substances, white powders and pills from unknown sources – produced in a lab – they are horrible IMO. And the comedown? 8 hours of pain for 4 hours of party time? Fuck everything about that. With weed there is no ‘comedown’ the next day – you’ll feel a little baked still, but in a nice relaxed way. Weed should be an essential part of everyones diet. Go out and buy some now.


    Marijuana is notoriously known as “the” gateway drug, and this is because it is the world’s most commonly used illicit drug. The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found that adolescents who smoke marijuana are 85 times more likely to try cocaine than their non-marijuana-smoking peers, and 60 percent of teenagers who try marijuana before they turn 15 go on to try cocaine. Marijuana is a dangerous drug and leads to impaired perception and judgment, diminished short-term memory, and loss of concentration and motivation.

    If you’re not part of that statistic, then don’t worry. Otherwise realize that we’ve all seen people start off small, get hooked up with the wrong people and go overboard.


    Yes they TRY cocaine.

    Everybody should at least try it. Give it a chance man. You never know you might like it


    Are there any figures on how many marajuana users started out smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol? You know, while we’re talking gateway drugs here.


    I think they mean, that they figure if someone’s going to use an illegal substance, they’ll usually start with the least dangerous. If they’re fine with doing something that will alter their mind, and break the law while doing so, what’s to stop them from moving on to something else mind-alerting and illegal once the safe stuff’s lost its impact.

    I mean, I agree that cigarettes and alcohol is where you collect your $200, but they’re legal. Weather or not they should be is a totally different issue. They’re legal because you can’t grow your own booze or cigarettes, or Prozac. The government cant get in on it. But regardless, its illegal. And you know what isn’t relaxing after a hard days work? JAIL.

    And don’t pull that “it’s a plant” bs. So is Poison Ivy. Lets see you roll in some.


    If your all your decisions in life are based on what is legal I pity you.

    People like you come out with shit like this: “Its wrong because it is illegal – and the authorities know best.” You know alcohol was illegal in ‘merica right? I guess you agreed with that? And that period when coffee was illegal in India? Oh thats fine too?

    Then you go to a country where it IS legal. And your whole outlook changes? Fucking lame. Grow an opinion of your own.

    Poion Ivy? What kind of a stupid example is that? The clue is in the name POISON ivy. OH HAI THERES A VOLCANO IT IS NATURAL ILL STAND IN IT. Nature does not nessessarily like you at all.


    “Marijuana is a dangerous drug and leads to impaired perception and judgment, diminished short-term memory, and loss of concentration and motivation.”

    Bullshit. Unproven raving propoganda. Show me one study to prove this.

    In fact I’d argue the opposite. It increases perception upto 10 fold, and gives a wonderful realistic ability for ‘judgement’. If I was to fight you in a ring – after a blunt – I reckon I’d annihilate you. Read up on how many professional fighters use MJ when they train. Even better – try it yourself instead of repeating the scaremongering bullshit you picked up.
    Diminished short-term memory? Bullshit again. Have a smoke – then go learn about something you enjoy. Then report back. MJ is a fantastic study aid. Personally I find it allows me to focus completely on a task at hand. I have learnt a hell of a lot while blazed out. No distractions – complete and utter focus. Hours upon hours of work gets done. and loss of concentration and motivation? I’d say thats your own personal problem – nothing to do with MJ. If you can’t get motivated then you are lazy. Yes MJ makes you relaxed – its not a amphetamine – but if you try a vigorous exercise routine under the influence you’ll notice a huge difference. Its like you understand HOW to move. You can hear the little messages your body is sending.


    Why don’t we ever count booze, tobacco or caffeine as gateway drugs?
    Because booze, tobacco or caffeine have multi-billion dollar industries behind them.

    It really pisses me off that people talk about how dangerous smoking pot is, even though tobacco and alcohol are way more toxic.


    Yessir. And the very fact that tobacco and booze are billion dollar industries is the reason that MJ is illegal. The one fucking ridiculous hipocritical reason. It doesnt add up. The law is powered by greed. This gives me a huge reassureance these laws cannot last.


    I asked my doctor this morning about this one …

    As best as I can translate it from Nederlands (Dutch) to English his answer was quite simple:
    “There isn’t enough cow shit in the fields of Holland that could pile up to that piece of mis-information about marijuana.”

    (and believe me we have a lot of cows here … about 42,000 dairy farmers in a country slightly larger than New Jersey)


    how come nobody mentions alcohol or tobacco, which are the real gateway drugs…

    seriously, the pot smokers of yesterday are the pot smokers of today, but all of the tweakers and junkies i know started out with booze and cigarettes.


    Thats how HIV was made?


    Make haste Troll. Tomorrow needs you too!

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