Musk puts Twitter buy ‘on hold,’ casting doubt on $44B deal

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has put his plan to buy Twitter on what he called a temporary “hold,” raising fresh doubts about whether he’ll proceed with the $44 billion acquisition.

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    “Temporary”, yeah right. He saw the backlash, knows that if he buys it and follows through on what he said he’d do to the platform the stock price would tumble even more than when he announced he was buying it, and again when he announced the hold. I can’t believe the SEC isn’t investigating him clearly manipulating the stock price like this.

    Karl Lewis

    My favorite part of all this is he claims he wanted to buy Twitter over “Freedom of Speech” concerns, and then teamed up with those well-known “Freedom of Speech” advocates, the Saudi Royal Family.

    I mean, nothing says “Freedom of Speech” like using a bone saw to hack one of your critics into small pieces…


    He doesn’t want freedom of speech. He wants to be able to ban people that mock him for the dumb shit he does.

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