lazy americans make life difficult for everyone around them

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    tiki god

    Time to go Mad Max and just start shoving carts up out the way


    Not that I approve, I don’t even use cart corrals, I take my carts back to the front of the store; but let’s not ignore the fact they already hopped the curb to get on that walkway. Pushing some carts on wheels isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. They could have gone down the asphalt like you have to do in most parking lots.

    tiki god

    but that’s not really safe though, is it?


    It’s good enough for 95+% of parking lots. Do you suppose they came to this particular shopping center because it has the walkway between the parking spaces? Do they only shop at shopping centers with paved walkways between the parking spaces? That’s pretty limiting. Why aren’t they parked in a handicap space at the front of the store? Folks in wheelchairs and pregos/new moms both qualify for handicap placards.

    tiki god

    probably because some fat fuck american thought their diabetus was a handicap


    From a fat fuck American who has diabetes; It’s the “Entitled” assholes of every country, every weight and every condition that annoyingly make life difficult for everyone around them.

    tiki god

    you speak truth to power