god of thunder

god of thunder

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    Saw it.

    It was good. Better that it had any right to be. It wasn’t without flaws, but considering everything it was successful.

    Loki was the best part.

    tiki god

    Saw it last night in 3d, which was a fucking joke, but the movie itself was ok. Kinda sad that the only thing that really stood out to me was bi frost, the rainbow bridge, god damn that thing was awesome.

    Anyone else think that the romance moved a wee bit quick? What, 24 hours and he’s ready to kill himself for her? Bleh.

    Was hapPy to see volstov though he’s awesome.


    People avoiding spoilers should stop reading here. The romance moved a bit quick, but so did everything else. They had a checklist of thinks they HAD to do, and since this leads directly into the Avengers movie, that list is longer than usual. At least Iron Man had two movies to build into the Avengers stuff. I thought Thor’s little journey to learn humility was a little quick and forced. So Odin is only going to realize NOW that Thor is too arrogant to be the king? Thor is about a thousand years old at the beginning of the movie.… Read more »