Female Brain

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    The “Be Quite During the Game” gland? I’m all for teasing the ladies and all, but at least have your own shit together if you’re going to critique their brains…


    I’m surprised that this wasn’t posted by diabeetus.


    ummmm…..some inaccuracies here.

    The gold digging sensory should be 98% of brain, other 2% is in the lower portions, for things like breathing and blinking.

    Alec Dalek

    They forgot the part of the female brain that equates “feelings” to be of equal value to “logic” or “evidence”.


    Nice fucking quality, tiki must have been drunk to accept this shit.


    Don’t get me wrong I usually encourage misogyny in all it’s forms, but, this is unfunny.

    Jesus Christ

    They forgot, “Buy stupid knick-knacks.”

    Ps. I just put oil in my car last week, bitches.


    Oh, lol, today in class, there were about 3 guys to 20 girls…that proof enough for you? It’s adult ed…most people are getting GED or diploma

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