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    Ah, yes. More “stupid, self-centered Americans” stereotyping ’cause it makes you k3w1…


    Yes it certainly does!




    While americans are certainly not the only mostly idiotic people on earth, they certainly rank highest in overall idiocy.


    not so, there are 2 different sides to idiocy:

    Uneducated Idiocy: those who have no formal teaching, skills or qualifications, and are true total idiots

    Educated Idiocy: those who have formal teaching, skills or qualifications, and yet still act like true idiots

    Americans thus rank highest amongst those who have education, just choose to either ignore it , or read sources doctored by americans so american people only know what others want them to, or simply ask the porpaganda machine in their system what they should know


    I’m not American, and that’s exactly how I see the world, too.


    Even your ignorance is redneck, unless I’m missing something, us Canadians aren’t particularly known for our over-abundance of “mouse” infestations.


    i too was wondering about the “mouse head” comment for canada


    I think the mouse heads thing has something to do with toques, eh?


    I think they probably where going for “Moose Heads” but misspelled it…we are known for our wildlife…


    Yes, misspelt on porpoise…lol

    teezy weezy

    stereotyping? more like fact.


    I know this is a representation of idiotic thought, but I still resent the fact that the Union Jack covers Ireland as well as Britain.


    I know we’re targeted because we have a lot of global influence, but why the fuck don’t people ever point out that just about everyone else is just as myopic and self involved in their world view. I’ve met a number of people from a number of countries, and they all view every other country exclusively based on how said country benefits them. The only true egalitarian people are those rare and unbelievably lucky people who get to travel consistently and live in other countries for extended periods.


    If I had a dollar for every time an American revealed to me their ignorance of the world beyond the borders of the USA I would be a rich man.

    However, if I lived in a country forty times bigger and with a population five times larger than the land I call home, I can’t honestly tell you how good my world geography would be. Everything is relative to your environment I guess.

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