born this way

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    I have always been convinced that the majority of the people in anti-gay organizations are probably repressed homosexuals.


    In what other line of work is surfing gay porn considered research?

    It’s brilliant.



    That actually makes perfect sense.


    Of course not, but they aren´t born heterosexuals either, thats something that its settled in their first years and it´s not a conscious choice or decision.


    Well, we ALL start out as female- with XX chromosomes. That’s why it’s okay for men to use the women’s bathroom.



    Really popular among baby boomers for some reason.

    The human body develops as a neutral for the fist 6 weeks. Then it is bathed in hormones. If those hormones are female, the proto-penis develops into a clitoris and the rest of the body goes through slight developmental changes. If those hormones are male, the the sack closes and nipples remain.

    See also: Anyone who has studied biology after 1960.


    Well, I’m still going to use my excuse to use the woman’s bathroom.


    This is the actual quote from the APA website, revised 2009 to clarify wording used in 2004. The simplest way to rephrase thier article, in my opinion, is we are born equal. “There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay, or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles;… Read more »


    So actually, the correct quote should be “The APA has not determined that people are born gay” and not “The APA has determined that people are not born gay”


    I really don’t give a crap whether people are gay or not, but it’s kind of bullshit to say that you only gay if you are born gay. Some people are born gay, I believe that, but homosexual activity can be taught that it is a normal lifestyle. Just look at the ancient Greeks, I’m sure that all Greek boys weren’t born with a desire to have sex with older men, yet they all did as it was a common practice to do so and when they became older that carried on the tradition.


    Situational homosexuality – but heterosexuals always return to the opposite gender when the situation presents itself.


    Why are there so many supposed straight people so focused on homos? It’s like they’re almost attracted to them for some reason.


    It’s because “homo” is such a fun word to say –


    By nature or by choice — the distinction is entirely irrelevant in any so-called free country, and certainly relevant to no-one but the parties involved in a relationship.

    However, I find the “It’s a choice!” crowd funny and fascinating. They’re boldly telling everyone in earshot something deeply personal about themselves that I doubt they intend to share: that *their* heterosexual behavior is merely something they choose to do, despite their natural tendencies to behave either as a homosexual or bisexual. If they exclusively had heterosexual interests, they’d know quite well it isn’t a choice.


    American psychological association has determined that people are not born gay: they simply born stupid, and become obsessed at where people do what with who.




    Genetisists believe to have isolated the gay gene, and thats a much harder science than psychology


    That’s why most colleges place their Psychology Department in the Arts building, because it’s not really a science.


    I read about birth order and maternal immune response being linked to homosexuality in men in the book Genome by Matt Ridley. It’s a bit controversial and not satisfactorily ‘proven’, but it is a neat idea (especially if you are familiar with the chromosomal ‘war of the sexes’).


    Yeah, all those gays totally *chose* to expose themselfs to the mobbing and hate that bigoted christians throw at them, because they feel that having a dick in your ass is totally worth losing every other thing that makes your life worth living.
    I want to smack those homophobic people around with a huge black dildo. That would be fun.


    Anyone who has studied the lifestyle habits of homosexual males knows it is driven by the reptilian (old) brain, not the reasoning faculties of the higher brain; that is, that lifestyle is driven by LUST, which explains the massive infection rates of VD among homosexual men. And homosexual woman pose much less of a threat to HEALTH CARE because of their low-testosterone (T) production–T being the driving hormone behind sexual aggression in both men and women. Heterosexual men are driven by LUST, as well, but marriage and family (children) tamp down that REPTILIAN drive in them; that is, a wife’s… Read more »


    You’re trying too hard. There are better trolls on this board.