Fuck you Ahmadinejad

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    Billy Manic

    But only the finger.


    Gotta love those LDC’s and their presidential limos.




    Lesser Developed Country (If Iran qualifies- they got nukes).



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    3 sighs for half wit photoshopping. Somewhere there’s an emaciated little vegan boy with a girl’s haircut who thinks himself quite intelligent for having made this. If only he knew where Iran even was.


    And somewhere there’s someone typing a comment on M[c]S that assumes (without any proof, might I add) that this pic wasn’t made by someone of Iranian origin that fled their home country because of the religious fascism of people like the goat in this picture.

    And on the subject of this goat (actually, I suspect he’s the goatman of urban legends) I think a finger isn’t enough; he needs to be dealt with by Vlad the bloody Impaler.

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