Super Bug


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    When I was little, I found one of those in the bathroom and asked my dad to get a jar or something so we could take it outside. He brought in a can of Raid and sprayed the hell out of it. It ran around shrieking with its legs falling off one by one until the body shriveled up and died, with all of the legs still twitching.

    Nightmares for 3 fucking years.


    Yeah, he should have just KILLED IT WITH FIRE! 😛


    I used to have these things in my old apartment because my landlord would never spray. They scared the crap out of me. I could never figure out what they were, but they sure made one hell of a crunch when you squished them.


    Isay we take off and nuke the site from orbit…..its the only way to be sure


    Shrieking???? What are they called though?


    I used to find these under bricks and whatnot in my back yard when I was little. They weren’t anywhere near this size though. I believe it’s a Scutigera coleoptrata.


    I have these in my apartment as well. If it is indeed what I think it is. They’re really light and tend to float when you knock them off the ceiling or wall. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that. The exterminator who came to spray for them swore to me that they were a variation of SilverFish!? That’s not what I thought SilverFish were…but he insisted they were some odd variation of them…


    Scale Fail

    “… one to two inches long …”


    I’m not squeemish about bugs, but these freak the hell out of me. My house has issued a permanent “Kill on Sight” order for these.


    We used to have these in my old apartment. On average they’re 1-2 inches long, but occasionally we’d see a “super” one that was 3 inches long.

    They’re called House Centipedes. I think they’re “beneficial”, as in they eat other bugs, but they creep the fuck out of me.


    oh yeah… whenever I’d see one, I’d kill it with fire. The 3″ long ones were especially fun, because you had to try and keep the flame on it as it was trying to escape.


    Where the hell do you all live that you are infested with these things?


    From the wikipedia article: “In Japan, these creatures are referred to as gejigeji and enjoy a level of popularity. They can often be seen for sale in pet stores.”

    Freakin’ Japanese


    Jesus, would you rather they were found in restaurants?


    Is gejigeji the sound they make when you squish them?


    Oh my Jesus fuck. Pure, white hatred of bugs has been reaffirmed…


    They, or something similiar, used to live in the ceiling of my highschool gym.

    They sounded like pickles when you stepped on them.


    What does a pickle sound like when you step on it ?


    Jesus fuck christ. It feels like the back of my head is crawling with spiders. I just had a twitch attack.



    It sounds like a juicy, echoing crunch.


    Up north we used to have a lot of these in our house and they helped keep our termite problem under control.

    I will admit, its hard not to be startled by these guys, and if their appearance wasn’t bad enough, they can move pretty damn quick.


    These are a HUGE fucking problem in Pittsburgh. Everywhere I’ve lived out here has been infested with them! You don’t know what creepy is until one skitters across your bare foot while your on the computer at night. Yeesh!


    Those are the one thing I kill on sight in my house (well, those, and the undead).
    Spiders and ants get carried outside to live free, but these super fast freaky monsters? I spray them with soap to stop step zooming out of reach and I squish ’em with a paper towel.
    The best soap is the harsh, toxic toilet and bath spray, it kills the little ones, sparing me the crunching sound.


    This is possibly as bad as or worse than Clock Spider.


    Japan, just another reason to go there


    As soon as i saw this i was like KILL IT WITH FIRE and then i saw the first comments and started laughing,


    i first thought SHOOT IT!! bullet holes are easier to patch than burning down your house…


    That is a centipede. They can bite and they can be venomous. AND they are incredibly fast.


    this looks like the cast from king kong 2