super star destroyer model

super star destroyer model

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    mouse pointer ?

    tiki god

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    Jose Carrilho

    It would be great to have a detailed view, or something like a 360º view, or even be able to explore it with bird eyes.
    An augmented reality would also be great.
    But then again, I guess that I would have to buy a better computer first 🙂

    casemods UID# 667

    It’s an arrow


    Where is this place? Is it open to the public?


    There’s only one picture of this object in the post, and it has to be from the ass end?


    heh, you said “ass”…


    I took this picture way back in 2002, at the star wars exhibit in edinbourgh, scotland. There were many more pics than just the ass end. This particular model has not been displayed since.

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