Anonymous In Action – Guy Fawkes Mask With Pink Hair


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    i don’t get the Guy Fawkes/Anonymous connection.

    anyone want to enlighten me?


    God knows, at a guess I would say some kind of rebelion against the whole Scientology thing. Im from N.I so we dont have the Guy Fawkes holiday bombfire thing like the Main Land UK Does.


    cause she has pink hair i go straight to thinking shes asian
    is that wrong?
    let me rephrase that last post a while ago
    this was my favorite movie for a long time
    but smoking aces tied it.
    just cause its a movie that is actiony enough for me
    you know
    V makes me think
    Aces doesnt
    thoughtful and mindless entertainment


    Here you go.

    And anyone know where to get these masks? ]:

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Another, cheaper mask
    added funny:
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    nirvananine, your link is fail.

    the link works, but the question posed was what is the connection between Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes mask…


    Well its simple: Both sides are just fads, so one side made up a new fad to use in their combat against the other fad.


    Also, it helps with the whole idea of ‘Anonymous.’ You can wear other masks, but then you’ll look individual, which is of course, NOT anonymous.


    #8 is stupid. but #9 makes sense.

    methinks there is more to it?


    In the movie lots of people wearing V masks stood up to an oppressive regime and overwhelmed them. Which I think is the point of the masks.

    Plus they are distinctive, hide your identity, and are easy to get. Wearing ski masks or handkerchiefs would make you look like a terrorist or gang member.

    /my 2 cents

    Billy Manic

    EFG. There. It’s just a way for anonymous to recognize eachother with a familiar face. So EFG was chosen.


    4chan users are also referred to as Anonymous (with the capital A). This is because most users post anonymously rather than using a name. But the whole of 4chan users are known as Anonymous or Anon.

    The Guy Fawkes mask is probably in reference to this guy, and not V or Guy Fawkes himself. EFG is Anon’s mascot if you will.

    Or you could have lurked moar. Rules 1 and 2 are for fags by the way.


    My bad, i assumed you could have put 2 and 2 together.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Romania spelled parliament wrong in their own url.

    According to a recent joint study between MIT, Yale, and Oxford University chicks with pink hair are twice as likely to give you a handy in a public bathroom.



    it all started from a thread on 4chan and went from there.

    btw, RSIxidor, you’re a faggot


    Good lord, sixteen comments? How has nobody om nom nom’ed this?



    In my personal opinion, I always felt that anonymous itself was a fan of “V for Vendetta” because the premise of the movie about “Anarchism (as a real political philosophy) vs. Facism”. People go to Anonymous websites because they want to be free of the constraints of conversational etiquette that comes from having your name attached to what you say. At these websites, you can post and say whatever you want. You are free to be who you’re always told not to be, because there are no consequences for what you say. The anonymity gives you enormous personal freedom in… Read more »

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