007 – Worse Movie Ever

007 - Worse Movie Ever

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    I think the word is worst.


    Worse title ever.


    come on tiki
    why do you seem to hate him?
    or is it the stories that he’s in.

    I haven’t read the books so I can’t make any of the arguments many people make, but I welcome the change from the tired 90’s trend of more guns, explosions and ridiculous action scenes.


    Bond = *yawn*


    Because it’s popular, you forget, we’re on the internet, where it’s cool to hate anything that is popular. Just look at all the anti-iPod/iPhone Rhetoric you can find.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You saw it already?

    Thought not.

    Casino Royale was the best Bond movie ever made. I already wrote why in the other thread.

    Quantum will be amazing.

    tiki god

    except for a few internet tards, I don’t know of many people that actually liked the shit fest that was Casino Royale.

    I’m hating on something that’s popular to hate on, cause it sucks.


    god damn I’m agreeing with magnus in yet another post. I don’t understand how a bond movie that finally stars someone who looks like they could kick somebody’s ass, with a plot that doesn’t involve diddling a chick with a double entendre for a name, counts as ruining the franchise.

    Not to lock horns with the host of the party, but this is like hating on christian bale while pining for the days of kilmer and clooney.


    i’m not exactly a bond fan, but have seen a few over the years and I feel Casino Royal was the best of the breed… could have done with some more fast car racey action, esp. due to the DB9 that featured in it… nom nom nom


    It’s a movie who cares?





    Really? I mean Really? Craig is without a doubt the best Bond thus far. And Casino Royale, arguably the best Bond movie. For someone to think it was not all that great is one thing, but to classify it as a “shit fest” is a bit much. ‘Gigli’ was a shit fest. ‘3 Ninja’s: High noon at Mega Mountain’ was a shit fest. Definitely not Casino Royale.


    3 ninja’s?? the kids movie? dude… they had that cool warning device for when their parents were coming towards their room… that was awesome!!!! 🙂


    barraspalding, that was a pre-production DBS… but if you want to think it’s a DB9… like for your belief it was a good movie… Do as you wish…

    I’m fracking tired of the retards who tell me that its now the real James Bond, that it’s like in the book…I I don’t give a fuck about D Craig, I don’t read books that are at best toilet paper material. I like Connery, I love Brosnan… That the stuff I want to see, that’s the stuff I love, don’t try to sell me some other shit under the pretext that it’s the real McCoy.


    Isn’t this picture from the new movie? Which isn’t out yet?


    Popular to hate on?
    Judging by it’s scores on metacritic and IMDB it’s the best bond movie in decades.


    best part in casino royale is when he got his little dick beaten to death in the ship muahaha ohh i was laughing my ass off on that part

    tiki god

    The New Bond = Poor Man’s Bourne


    I think Richard Grieco was the best Bond….If Looks Could Kill is one of the greatest Bond films ever made. It was like Bond in High School and he was even undercover as Michael Corben, plus the hot French chick….man, I could watch that movie like twice.


    Are we SERIOUSLY reminiscing the old bond days?
    The fact is, the same cheesy bond formulas aren’t working anymore. People want raw, they want real. I’m one of them. I loved some of the old bond movies, but those days are over. Daniel Craig is a dynamic revolution to the series. The franchise was all but dead in the water before “royale”. Either get on board, or enjoy watching Roger Moore in the confines of your own home. Its time to evolve. Hate it all you like, but this new perspectives is blindingly popular.


    Best Bond since Connery. I mean, did anyone seriously believe that pansy Brosnan could make a credible killer?

    The World Is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day.. they all sucked balls. Sure, I don’t envy the guy who has to write the theme song to Quantum of Solace, but if anyone doesn’t think Casino Royale was a welcome kick in the arse.. feh.

    I’m English. I should bloody know.


    – “that was a pre-production DBS… but if you want to think it’s a DB9… like for your belief it was a good movie… Do as you wish…”
    Worse argument ever…


    Worse movie ever for sure, not to mention the next car accident of a movie is the second most expensive movie ever made (230 million)and the best domestically any one of the movies ever did was 167 million, the last one. Can’t wait to watch it crash and burn.

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