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    Me: I have a teapot
    You: Oh really? Can I see it?
    Me: No, it’s currently floating out in space, somewhere around mars.


    You can’t prove that you actually believe all the the nonsense of the bible. Should I just assume that you’re too adult for that kind of thing?


    That wasn’t aimed at you, tggeko. I guess I clicked the wrong “reply”.


    You know, more often than not anymore this is how I see atheists responding to anybody with any sort of religious views. “You can’t prove it therefore you are retard, hahaha! Look at you silly bitches with your silly foolish faith.” The intolerance of people that are supposed to be the most tolerant is astounding. (on both sides)


    You know, if anyone reasoning like in this picture about *any* subject I’d give them a verbal beating too.


    This debate is so old. Bored now.

    Gary Generic

    It’s hardly a dead horse.
    To this day, there are elected official in the United States government that make decisions based on what they guess their invisible sky wizard wants.
    Right now, there are Christians in Africa burning “witches” alive.
    Noun verb Middle East.

    No, this topic requires at least several generations more of good beatings.


    I agree, this pony has much life left in it but it’s still tiresome. I can’t help but to read everyone’s arguments and then feel like I can’t be arsed to put any effort into a response.


    Old? This shit is ancient!!

    Also, good reply considering your lack of effort 😀

    Insanely Rational

    It’s comical that the same atheist who’ll find his jaw literally dropping to the ground in disbelief when he hears a theist claim “homosexuals deserve to go to hell because they CHOSE to be homosexuals”, will then argue that theists are irrational because they CHOOSE to believe in god. So let’s get one thing straight, people: you do not choose your beliefs anymore than you choose your sexuality, or anymore than you choose your feelings, anymore than you choose to feel pain when stabbed, or anymore than you choose how many fingers you have in your hand. The last one… Read more »


    Wrong. Gayism is genetic, theism is brainwashing.


    I get your point but don’t entirely agree. Homosexuality does occasionally appear be caused by environmental factors (e.g. sexual abuse as a child), similar to the environmental brainwashing of a religious upbringing. And on the flip side, there has been some suggestion of a genetic predisposition toward religious faith. I do largely agree with you but I don’t think the choice in faith is quite so black and white – there is such a variation in personality traits that it only makes sense that different people have differing susceptibility to the comfort (or indeed lack of comfort for others) of… Read more »


    How do you determine that the child was heterosexual before the abuse?


    Ha, fair point. [Disclaimer: I’m not an expert…] But child sex abuse has been known to cause psychological and sexual instability, and can have an influence on their sexuality with higher incidences of chronic or inappropriate sexual behaviour and less common (though obviously not uncommon) sexual orientation, such as homosexuality. I know, the point is rather contentious but I wanted to find an co-example to illustrate the fact that our psychological make-up, including sexuality, is a deep and complex thing, governed by unfathomable numbers of environmental and genetic factors. My point being that I don’t think it’s really fair to… Read more »


    We can say, though, that in a vast majority of the cases: you’re born with it.

    That’s good enough for billcar50’s comment to be justified.


    (What billcar50 said).

    The difference is that religious people (for the most part) know how to think in the evidence-based way, and I suspect most of them realize they apply special rules to their religion.

    Also, if people don’t choose their beliefs, how do you explain people switching from one silly superstitious myth to another silly superstitious myth? I see people choosing their religious beliefs all the time, and I can’t figure out why and how.

    Maxwell Edison

    In my experience, and this is anecdotal, people don’t switch beliefs by choice. They choose to change the label they identify with because they find another myth, dogma or philosophy that resonates with what they already believe.


    I wonder if some are predisposed to religion in general. That would explain why people switch religions. They sense (or know) that whatever they’re doing isn’t really working, but don’t consider atheism and go looking for the “right” religion.


    You know, there may be some validity to that idea. A persons brain chemistry is determined by genetic factors, and this tends to predispose people to certain behaviors. IE adrenaline junkies brains are wired to crave adrenaline, which makes them love roller coaster rides, people with excessive testosterone tend to predispose them to violent behavior, hormonal imbalances can make people unstable, etc. These are all genetically determined physiological conditions that affect how people mentally process and respond to information. So it would not be unreasonable to presume that at some level, everyone is genetically wired a certain way, which predisposes… Read more »


    The thing about this “cutting-edge” cartoon is that although it says “religious” everyone knows it means Christian. Atheists never even try to debate Muslims about their faith. Too much of a chance they’d get beaten badly at best or killed at worst. Besides atheists – at least some – support Islam.


    So really, it’s not about religion, it’s about Christians. Which is fine, but at least be honest about it – to yourself if not to everyone.


    You’re just saying it means “Christian” because you live in a place where Christianity is the major religion. Could that be the reason why atheists mainly critique Christianity? I guess we will never know!

    Wait, we do know, it’s just you that’s behind.


    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that atheism was only in the United States. Are there atheists in other Muslim countries mocking Islam of which I am unaware of? Tons of them in India making fun of Buddhism? And what difference would it make where Islam is the major religion. Wouldn’t a good atheist mock it wherever it is? Especially since it’s tenets are at least as oppressive (actually more so, but let’s just say they are equal) and no more less based on faith than Christianity. No, I’m saying it because it is a fact. I’ve never heard of an… Read more »

    Gary Generic

    Sam Harris is more critical of Islam than Hitchens.

    Atheist is a non-term, but most secular humanists are pretty fed up with all the Abrahamic Faiths (although Jews are far easier to tolerate than the other two).


    As soon as you mentioned India I immediately thought of an awesome example: www.rationalistinternational.net/article/2008/20080310/en_1.html You’re a victim of localized news, you’re also a victim of not looking for things that contradict your views. Atheist are critical of all religions, and Islam is up there with Christianity. Educate yourself before you go and say that atheists never speak up against Islam. (Go read Jesus and Mo, too!). On the other hand, if the atheists in a country run by Islam you might risk your life when you speak out (Heck, even Denmark was subjected to the ire of Muslim fanatics for… Read more »

    fracked again

    You might want to do a little more looking. Lots of atheists criticize Islam. Righard Dawkins, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Matt Dillahunty, Dave Silverman, Jen McCreight are just a few I can think of, there are lots of others. Other than a sign bereft of any context, what atheists are pro-Islam? Could that be a sign supporting the rights of Muslims to build a mosque in NYC? Supporting the first amendment is a good thing, even if you don’t agree with the religion. BTW, Mohamed was a pedophile and Islam is a leftover of bronze age brutality that has no place… Read more »


    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all the same thing to atheists. You’re all fighting over different versions of the same fairy tale, which are rip offs of even older fairy tales.

    Maxwell Edison

    Why do you suppose the only place that organization exists is in that photograph, posted over many many anti-atheist websites? I’m guessing the sign was made as a joke. If you don’t agree, you can try to find any kind of contact information for the group and forward it to me. I looked and came up empty. I suggest you start here:


    Perfect picture. Until the last frame. But at least the butthurt on the right is all agro in each frame. That’s true to life. Seriously what scares you guys so much about religion and it being in America? You think if everyone stopped praying you’d be any less of a loser? Probably not huh. So quit crying and go pick another cause because I really don’t think you have a slick shot in hell of derailing a few thousands years of faith. Oh maybe people would make decisions like the way you want. Okay. Abortions all around and stem cell… Read more »


    Oh right, you don’t care about these things.


    I’m a atheist purist. I won’t tolerate Islam.