purify furry

purify furry

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    Luke Magnifico



    Eh. All furries aren’t fursuit wearing pet humping freaks. Actually the ratio of those to the ‘normal’ furries is about the same as the ratio of MCS posters who can look at a pair of tits and not find some kind of fault with them, vs those who always do.

    fracked again

    The abhuman is an abomination in th eyes of the Emperor and must be purged.

    We Slaanesh followers however, have no problems with furries 😉


    Some abhumans are permitted the honor to serve in His Most Holy Emperor’s endeavours, like the Homo Sapiens Minimus and the Homo Sapiens Gigantus, but deviant heretics that foolishly worship one of the Ruinous Powers shall feel the purifying flames of righteousness.

    Thought of the Day: It is not our place to forgive the heretic, only to pray for their unworthy soul as their ashes ascend from the pyre … that includes furries.

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