seven sins

seven sins

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Sins? How did you get the Endless confused with the seven sins?


    He’s drunk.


    Is my memory failing me completely or does Destruction not look like that at all?


    Still one of the best series of comics I’ve ever read. Gaiman’s a genius.


    Destruction doesn’t look like that, he’s more of a lumberjack type guy. Also, 7 sins? Really? So it’s a sin to have a destiny, dream and die. Man this God guy is getting stricter all the time.


    These are the seven mortal sins of Tiki God.


    i am disappointed by the title of this post. how the fuck would destiny be a sin? its not an action. i cant understand how , having spotted destiny, you could possibly make this mistake. i realize that you cant really be blamed because its important to not give a fuck. so o well.


    Maybe an explanation would be comforting? Because I’ve got one. Aside from the fact that Tiki is known for giving posts sloppy or inaccurate titles, which regardless of whether it’s done on purpose or not is a brilliant move, I’m pretty sure he only glanced at the picture before deciding on a title. He didn’t realise what it was from because he was subconsciously reminded of this kind of thing:

    Hopefully this was helpful. Tune in next time for psychological analysis of terminology and behaviour of the Tiki with dieA and friends.

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