muslim holy site

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    That is sooooooooo wrong! And so farking funny! +1 to you.


    Not funny. Not one bit.


    Wrong! EXTRA FUNNY! And a productive result for our species to boot.


    Wait, are they building a bigger Big Ben?


    Prayer at specific times-of-day is important in Islam.


    Do like, but one “but” – last one should have something more culture specific, like a ton of camels, 18 wheeler car bomb.


    How is a holy site for half the world equivalent to two financial buildings?


    They don’t really have much of anything else. Plus, if you recall they did their best to crash planes into our seat of government as well. Despite what some may say, we are mostly a secular nation so attacking a secular target here makes sense. Everyone in the world knew of the Twin Towers so it made it a perfect target. Same goes here.


    You are truly, truly moronic if you think destroying the skyscraper won’t a) also destroy the quite-non-secular most holy site in Islam, and b) have catastrophic repercussions worldwide.
    Of course, it seems likely that that’s exactly what you want.


    It’s so adult of you to start out your discussion with an insult. Arguing with you would be pointless of course, except that I have to ask this one question. Are you seriously saying that the downing of the World Trade Center did not have catastrophic repercussions worldwide? Seriously? I mean I’m really laughing at that idea. Much of the world has been at war for over 10 years because of it – rightly or wrongly. Iraq was liberated (arguably). Bin Laden is dead along with much of Al Queda. And so on and so on. I’m thinking moron doesn’t… Read more »

    fracked again

    You are both morons, the jet is hitting the ka’ba and not the skyscraper…


    Chickenshit dodge, followed by a straw man, spiced with affected amusement?
    If I could be bothered to go back and read your posts over the past year or so, how many of them would follow that exact same formula?
    And I don’t think you’re thinking at all, moron.


    @fracked again: My point is, it doesn’t matter: Destruction of the Kaaba would still be the result, followed by a global paroxysm of violence that would make the sum-total response to 9/11 look like Grenada.


    You got balls. It’s nice to see some balance here for a change.


    If someone acts like a dick, that gives you the right to act like an even bigger dick in response – it’s the way the world works.


    And soon the world is filled with big dicks…ah, I see what you did thar.

    General X

    Not cool guys, not cool!


    That is one huge flippin plane.


    I hear that rock they’re circling around is like Kryptonite to Jesus.

    Also, iron chariots.


    More like crack to a crack-head.

    However, if you’re drawing a comparison that it weakens a person and makes them susceptible to injury; then you’d be correct.