Professional Pooping

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    tiki god

    well, if you have cats…


    I would pick ergonomic pooping over feline company any day of the week. Thank God I’m a dog person.


    The TP fascists are at it again.
    Soon there will be a bill in congress “to promote efficient TP usage”


    Grab and pull the same as you would over? Really, if you have that much trouble ( or any at all, really ) using TP that’s on the roller the so-called “wrong” way, you’re a fucking moron.


    I don’t believe our cat’s ever done that, or, if he has, he’s done it infrequently enough that I can’t remember.


    If you have cats -> learn the skill of closing doors.

    It’s really not that complicated.


    Or, flip the TP over, count on people not to be fucking retards when it comes to using TP, and then you can put the litter box where it belongs.


    Oh, hell… not this again. Use whatever way suits you and shut up about it.

    Luke Magnifico



    Now the next question: Fold or Wad?


    Good fucking grief, it’s just what you wipe your ass with. Is it really this important to talk about how you position what you wipe your ass with? I just put it on. Hell, sometimes I say fuck it and don’t even put it on the roller. Why should it matter that much, all I do is wipe my ass with it, shit. FUCK.

    Kik Dogg

    I usually set mine vertically on the holder. Who has time to fucking holster it? Although I really should care more…. I wipe FAR more than my ass with it!


    It’s like anything else people talk about on the internet, it’s just something to do. Would you rather we rant and rave about a pic of some celebrity or political figure instead?


    Or you can buy a toilet paper holder with an open end and not have to ever give a shit.