‘This’ is a hotel.

hotel_ass.jpg (31 KB)

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    Ass means ace in German, hence the ace symbol.

    There are four different suits of ace symbols. Spade, diamond, heart, and club. The building in the photo has the club symbol.

    Joeseph Goebbels

    Dude just got owned by DieA.

    You’r right she owns me, as in owns my sexy body.
    Yeah, what now dieA.?

    Now I want a refund.

    It’s in my pants.


    My god DieA you’re on fire with the comebacks


    Personally I liked the pants one.

    What’s with “you’r” though?


    I’ll tell you what Dreth, you can have the refund if you keep his spelling mistakes as well. I can play a round of Texas hold ’em with Andy Beal until you guys are done.

    No, dieA, I want you to have my refund, it’s huge I promise.


    Seems like a nice place… LOL… I’m sorry, I can’t help it… I’m ROFLCOPTERing right now… My juvenile inner American seems to have gotten the best of me… 😀