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Forked-tongue dude on the LotR side’s supposed to be Grima, right?


Wow, whoever made this is truly a genius for reaching the incredibly astute conclusion that a fantasy series used archetypes and tropes found in a classic work of fantasy and pretty much all contemporary fantasy fiction inspired by said classic, which in turn borrowed some of those elements from mythology, folklore and classical literature. Wonder if he’s also clever enough to detect sarcasm.


dude…LOTR is not a classic.

Bearnstein Bears is a classic.


Not to mention this is at least the 20th version of this same comparison I’ve seen with different images.


HP borrows a lot from ‘Ender’s Game’ as well, but uses it to great effect.

Wise Wizard : Jesus
Loser bff : Peter
Ugly Creature : Lepers
Dark Forces: Satan
Snake man: One better.
Leave it to the little ones: The meek shall inherit the earth
The Dark Lord: Anti-christ
Bodyless evil: hmm…
Evil BFF: judas
Evil spider: ??
Dangerous forest: Eden.
It hurts to get near evil: Exceptional empathy
Ghost buddy: Dad.
Funny bearded uncle: Moses.

Everything but that damn spider.


Sam is not a looser, he prety much did all the damn work…