America’s Energy Sacrifices

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    I know. I want my little carbon fiber battery powered roadster that’s fueled by fusion power already.

    When the hell is the NIF going to try out their reactor already?


    always the way
    democrats are willing to sacrifice human lives but not their creature comforts

    makes this game i saw, where the whole story is about a world war in the future where the nations of the world unite into 3 major factions and fight each other so the winner gets whats left of the worlds resources


    Incomprehensible. Therefore I shall reply in the same manner.

    never that path
    inuits want to roast penguin meat but not their favourite muppet show

    puts this poem i read, where every line rhymes with penis in the middle ages where knights in red armour unite into 3 major factions and tickle each other so the one who doesn’t laugh gets a golden peacock feather



    diea muppet show whale fat world cup austria democrat funny lol

    I must do this more often. It is much more fun than coherence.

    ON TOPIC: this cartoon feeds my dislike of democracy. There has to be a way to screen out and discard the votes of ignorant, anyone subsisting on government money, and KommissarKvC.


    Democracy is nothing more than mob rule. It is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.

    Democracy will only last until the masses realize they can vote themselves money from the treasury.

    ::drum roll::
    I’ll be here all night, really 🙂


    In an absolute democracy; if you were one of a group of 100, and 51 wanted to fuck you in the ass… you’re screwed!


    I’m sorry, which president was the fail oil mogul with ties to the Middle East, and started two fucking wars?


    Last frame should be NIMBY bitches causing the nuclear power development standstill for the last half century.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Enough with the stupid political cartoons.

    We get it. You have some causes and REALLY want attention. Any attention.

    Also FOX NEWS FOX NEWS FOX NEWS. Please someone think I’m smart like they are. Um…FOX NEWS IS SATAN. OBAMA IS JESUS.

    fracked again

    If you don’t care so much, why do you post? There is a whole internet out there that you can look at for things that aren’t political cartoons. Try it.

    And quit watching Fox news, you stupid American.


    Wish those damn workers would get up and make more energy. My soy beans aren’t gonna plow itself, and those fukkin veggie heads are too damn weak to work the fields.