starting the vacuum

starting the vacuum.gif

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    No he’s trying to get the cord to come out and stay out. Those older models had an annoying spring loaded retractable cord that would get harder and harder to get to stay out over time. Used to have to really wrench the things to get the mechanism to trigger.


    That was quick you magnificent diamond you!
    Shine on Stonely!!!
    (I think you know why)
    😉 😉 😉


    Log on…log off…log on….log off…!
    Shine on!!!
    Kinda sad and pissy past-time though….don’t you think?
    To let some internet stranger get into your head so bad that you waste your data plan just trying to mess him up.
    Log on…log off…log on…log off.
    I suppose you’ve got nothing better to do, huh Stonely?
    But you might have to buy a bigger plan…
    😉 😉 😉