Lol, Rednecks

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took these yesterday as i mosey’d down the boulevard

it’s a jeep totally covered in bed liner

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    I’ve seen guys do this for, you know, actual durability, but it doesn’t look like this mall crawler has seen much that would require it.

    Still, low maintnenance, and now his whole truck’s Bomp Proof. (

    casemods UID# 667

    Uploader didn’t surprise me.

    This comment didn’t surprise me.



    I like it. Be better on a car that actually went off-road.

    GO GO Land Rover. 🙂


    Not -that- bad an idea if you take it offroad a lot.

    casemods UID# 667

    Not a bad idea period…no paint job to try and keep up with


    This is not a bad idea in the same a a dualy isn’t bad if you actually do construction work or hauling. Otherwise it is silly and overcompensating for small penis.


    I don’t see where the idea of overcompensating comes in but it’s actually a good idea if you want durability. It’s a good idea for rugged vehicles. Especially a jeep. IMO you should be able to take a vehicle like that through all sorts or mud, then go home an take a hose to it, inside and out. Fuck having to spit and polish that shit. That’s about as stupid as taking a perfectly good [working man’s] truck, and slamming it to ground and putting shiny 24s on it. Brain damage.


    I think what he was saying is that this example doesn’t look like it sees off road, so what the owner is trying to do is say “I’m so hard core, I had to put bed liner on the whole thing, bitches.”


    That is actually a profssional paint job certainly not redneck. It might be overkill but there shouldn’t be any rust issues with that thing for a long time.




    Good idea!
    A vehicle that won’t be damaged by a bird turd, doesn’t need polish or more cleaning than a hose-off or good hard rain.
    I’ve always wondered why every car needs a decorative finish, for appliance transportation it is a waste of money and effort.

    Luke Magnifico

    The fuck is bed liner?




    A paint-like substance that doesn’t easily get dinged and gauged up. Usually lines the beds of picup trucks (where it makes sense). Here it might make sense, if you really abused your vehicle, but this jeep doesn’t look like it gets used offroad much.

    teezy weezy

    You see rednecks, rest of the world sees just Americans.


    one crack in the liner and that heep will rust from the inside out.
    moderation goes a long way. ftw


    I’m sure most folks saw video of that freak hailstorm a month or so ago in Oklahoma city. Although that particular instance would still most likely destroy this vehicle, this setup probably would work very well for defense against normal hail. My friend is in OKC and said that hail barrage was epic, had to jack a covered parking spot to save his car.


    i’d do it… >.>


    I’d *only* do it to a dedicated off-road car. It looks sleek, and in theory would be an effective finish, but aside from looks, the idea covers only a handful of specific situations.


    I don’t mind the flat black look, and I’m wondering if this provides a degradation to radar bounce…


    Is bed liner radar/laser absorbing? Flat black is also good for running dark with night vision. Doesn’t do shit for avoiding flir though.


    I like the idea, but don’t know where the “redneck” comment came from?


    daily driver…


    How much weight would this add to the vehicle?