roast duck with mango salsa

roast duck with mango salsa

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    I liked the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer skit from Saturday Night Live a lot better then I liked these guys.


    This prissy little Cro-Mag is giving the rest of us cavemen a bad rep.


    “I don’t have much of an appetite, thank you.”


    I saved over 700 dollars a year by choosing Geico. In addition to my premium going down after an at fault accident. I actually do like everything about the insurance company.


    Us too, and they’re ads are clever.

    The only caveman ad that I really really really liked was the one where he’s on the moving walkway. Cracked me up every time.


    Geico: So easy even a whiny cavebitch can do it.

    tiki god

    “When I see a solar eclipse, like the one I went to last year in Hawaii, I think ‘Oh no! Is the moon eating the sun?’ I don’t know. Because I’m a caveman — that’s the way I think.”


    Having geico makes me less of a caveman? It’s my life…

    And btw, triple A is the insurance for grown ups, not one who’s commercials include caveman parodies or talking computer animated gecko’s.

    But hey, it’s your life. It doesn’t make you less of a caveman.


    Great commercials.

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