Most “Mad Scientists” are actually just mad engineers

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    Luke Magnifico

    Engineers make things that blow things up.

    Scientists think about things that might have a chance at blowing something up under ideal circumstances that would never happen outside of their controlled experiment.

    You forgot terrorist they blow themselves up.


    Engineers and doctors fix things, physically fix things. It’s the way they think. Combine that w/ the fact that they’re mostly men and you’ve got a group of people that are ready to fix the problems (or wrongs) in life. People like me have no expectation of fairness of the Universe, fairness simply does not exist. What are the chances that I’m gonna go jihad on anything? Less than zero prolly.


    doesn’t Bin Laden have a civil engineering degree?


    …which is a branch of science. So, moot point.


    No it isn’t.


    Engineering does not use science. It uses engineering. You do not hypothesize how you build something, and have control groups showing other ways of building something, and then experiment with the methods. You plan it, you build it.


    An even sadder truth is that most engineers are arrogant, mentally myopic, socially retarded pricks.

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