Drive Back the Imperialists

burning_russian_bmp2.jpg (86 KB)

burning_russian_track2.jpg (31 KB)

burning_russian_track.jpg (86 KB)

destroyed_russian_bmp.jpg (97 KB)

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    Funny how this post follows one showing off the crème de la crème of imperialist might.


    Archangel this is Bravo Two taking heavy enemy fire from 50-cal hostile armour is inbound at co-ordinates FIVE FOUR SIX NINER CHARLIE requesting a fire dance over


    Is this Chechnya, Georgia, or Kyrgyzstan?


    Same question.


    I found the answer. These were from the Russian-Georgian conflict. I had to dig through some war photos on my HDD.


    World’s a fun place.

    If the mongols, napoleon, the spanish, the british, the nazis, the communists, the capitalists, the islamists only just had taken over the world already, really, just any one of those groups…I’d say it’d be a better place by now. Peace, order, unity and the whole shebang. Sure, the world might be some ethnic groups or social classes short, but all in all there’d probably be less suffering than today.


    The Muslims? It would be a Hell on Earth.


    better tha world be run by muslims than how the jews are doing it now

    at least muslims arent whores teaching little girls to grow up like that and little boys to treat women like that
    Lady Gaga being the worst example of this


    Wait, you’re claiming that one of the virtues of Muslims is how they treat women? ….. wtf?


    I know thats a BMP, I just can’t tell if it’s a BMP1, 2 or 3 without seeing the turret.


    BMP-2. BMP-3s are different. The back end of the BMP-3 looks like a cube.


    Ha, the person who posted this was trying to most likely make fun of the US, but clearly, they have no concept of the real world, nor any concept in regards to the difference between Russian Military Armor and the US Military Armor. Fail on their part.

    If I am wrong, and they were making fun of the Russian Military, then I will admit to being wrong.


    Ooh!Ooh! Mistuh Kotter, I KNOW! Just blow the shit out of everything until people get reasonable.