People are taller now a day, no?

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    I’ve given this top marks purely for the novelty value. Otherwise it stinks. You can tell from his/her face and body size that the chimp is just a baby. I’ve find out very little about Little Nap online. Did he/she have a movie career? They certainly had a stage one, which was surely swiftly curtailed when they became an adult and went ape-shit.

    tiki god

    like, eat your face ape-shit or cocaine fueled orgies ape-shit?


    More ‘eat your face’ I think. A cocaine filled chimpanzee orgy doesn’t bear thinking about. Side note – Primatologist Franz De Waal, asked about the violent side of chimp nature said, “If you gave chimpanzees guns…they would use them.” And cue gif of Koba on horseback, firing two automatic weapons simultaneously.