Nxj4Dxs67uck7B1_qDTZawOZvMqQfFj2FESIcSUWdhmw.jpg (20 KB)

Il9YX8rkw_jFDwMCvERfyQ0UlDk3oL4wTKQwPjZ1JVQA.jpg (88 KB)

KobHo-rKKk1Xs3nmseyXbgrWK_077F_ablkz7QkOjMCQ.jpg (22 KB)

nWb86lJkCjE1B5BtCFAR3g9RUDDMsNQ16zoMfAaVvHHQ.jpg (17 KB)

W4jhVXZjPleFcintnQ1_swM7qFShmRg2tOTMnDM7jkmg.jpg (21 KB)

A russian submarine launched ICBM launched from above the Barents malfunctioned and blew up in its early stages

Pictures from:

Story from:

Id highly recommend reading the /. comments for more information.

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    tiki god

    from the articles that I’ve read, it wasn’t an ICBM, but was instead a satillite rocket.

    oh look, there was even an article:


    welcome back, slak.


    This is beautiful and trippy. I just heard about it on the radio but I thought it was propaganda.


    Clearly a weather balloon full of swamp gas. Nothing to see here, people…


    Haha I know what you’re trying to do.



    Why are they launching ICBMs?


    Bat signal?


    The Russians have weaponized Spiral Power! We’re doomed!


    Nonsense only the spiral king knows how to do that.


    Uzumaki becomes real? Could be trouble.

    TheLotusEater725 has been shitting themselves about this all-day. I’m somewhat skeptical of the official story myself but i don’t flat out dismiss it. I mean it would be amazing if it was something other than a rocket but if it was i would not expect them to tell us either way. the last thing the russians would want is for the world to know they have some crazy reality bending super weapon. Either way it is still cool as fuck.

    fracked again

    I bet! Nothing like neat pictures and old cold war enemies to freak the hell out of the paranoids.


    Ahhh thank you slakinator. I was wondering about this yesterday, if it was some kinda hoax, cause it seemded only a relative few websites were posting info about it. If it was indeed a Russian ICBM/rocket, why is Russia denying it… what are they trying to hide?


    Apparently the Russians told them what they’d be doing ahead of time.


    These spiral lights in the sky are clearly a Sign that the Anti-Christ (666 — see the spirals?) will soon be arriving in the Holy Kingdom of Norway to wreak upon its citizens the deceptions on matters of War and Peace which were foretold in the Book of Revelations…

    hey, wait, when were these pics taken again?