coca-cola blak

coca-cola blak

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    Was awesome stuff. Whatever happened to it?


    Wait, they got rid of it? I thought once you went black you…[brick to the head]


    Only if by “awesome” you mean “vile pisswater”… Gah.


    whats the difference between this and the regular coca cola?!


    ^^What he said.


    It was coca-cola with coffee infused…
    absolutely disgusting


    I work in a convenience store, so we get to sample shit (and I MEAN shit) before it is available to sell. I tried this and one sip was enough for me.
    They SAY it’s coca cola with coffee in it, but it tastes like flat coca cola mixed with some kind of shit flavoring. I tried it room temperature, I tried it cold and almost frozen…nothing can make this shit taste good. Thank god they finally pulled it off the shelves. They have rockstar energy/coffee drinks and full throttle, so who cares.


    Ok, now I remember it. We sold it in the liquor store in the (non-alcoholic) energy drinks section. I never tried it. I love the way coffee smells, but never got a taste for it.

    Kik Dogg

    I saw this as “Coca Cola Blah”. Then I remembered. Oh yeah.


    I also enjoy the smell of coffee but have never grown to love the taste. I enjoy brewing a pot for the girlfriend, though.

    I want to know what kind of group they tested this stuff on.

    “You guys like coke? Do you like coffee? Would you like them together?”

    “Lady, I’ve been drinking koolaid and vodka all day, I’d drink your piss and my piss out of a cup if you handed it to me….do you have any cups?”


    I actually liked it quite a bit.


    Ass in a bottle

    Billy Manic

    Coca-Cola Blak. Coca-Cola Chynese. Coca-Cola Mxican.


    OMG, I love Coca Cola and Coffee…I NEEEEED this…I’m looking for a source of supply as we speak. Need it.


    Thats racist.


    I liked it somewhat… The concept / main flavor was decent, and the bottles are awesome… I still use the bottles for small vodka infusion batches, like green tea. The killer was that they used the C2 formula: half High Fructose Corn Syrup, half Aspartame. This was before Coke Zero, which tastes much better as a low/no calorie solution than this did… the dietness is what gave it any nastyness for me.


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    I recall driving down the Interstate in July getting thirsty as hell. I was behind schedule so I didn’t want to stop for a drink. I found a 1/3 full hot 2 liter of Coka-Cola had been in the van from the previous weekends rum and Cokes and thought it can’t be that bad. I’d drink that any day before I’d drink Blak.


    Perhaps if they sold it like this it would have taken off.