black mustang

black mustang

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    The only American-made car I would ever own.


    my black mustang is not even close to this cool


    I love this car. I’ve owned a ’66 Mustang convertible and a ’67 Fastback. I still prefer my Chevelles, bu it would be a tough choice.


    My first car was my dad’s old ’68 1/2. Not a recognized model, but it happened to come down the assembly line while they were switching it over. As a result of the mishmash, much like Edison’s first batch of light bulbs, it basically ran for forever and a day. Rust finally took her away circa 2003, but damn, I miss that car!


    with the rear diff linkage showing as it does, and the hint of some serious exhaust collectors up towards the front, and that serious nacelle on the hood…I don’t think I could trust myself to keep at or under the speed limit in this beast.

    I LIKE IT.


    This pretty little this is the ’65 Fastback Concept.

    Price tag: my soul.

    Billy Manic

    This is jizzage.


    I am now a Chevy guy. I would prefer to own a Chevelle or Camero. But I would be stoked to own this vehicle or preferably a 1967 Shelby Mustang.


    fap fap fap

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That looks like the limited edition one that costs a damned fortune.

    I wish they’d make a fast back variant on the new models because I really don’t mind the new design at all.


    The new ones are very cool, but can’t duplicate the awesomeness of the original. My father bought one of these brand new in 1966 (a green one) for $2,347.00

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