Junk Food

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    that pizza is all wrong


    Let’s go out to the lobbey,
    Let’s go out to the lobbey,
    Let’s go out to the lobbey,
    And get ourselvs a snack!

    Ahhhhh! Drive ins in the 60s


    Exactly. Who the hell eats mushrooms these days?


    Drive in’s had a lobby?


    Whatwhat? Baked white mushrooms are heaven. Also, Mexican mushrooms provide the most beautiful and enjoyable hallucinations. They don’t taste good but it’s oh so worth it. Maybe if someone made them with a proper pizza they would taste sort of good too but the people at the store we get them at always say you need to keep them cool until you eat them so I don’t know. If none of this sounds convincing, at least listen to Infected Mushroom with Converting Vegetarians. If that doesn’t make you want to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms I don’t know what will. Or watch… Read more »


    I said mushrooms, not shrooms. Completely different ball game.


    That’s amazing nate. I never would have guessed that a hardcore pretzel could look this impressive.

    Also, all right colonel then we’re still cool. Doing any of the things I listed is still highly productive and recommended though.



    Mushrooms are delicious.

    If you didn’t know this, then you probably never ate one.

    They are great.


    Dude i thought i was the only person in the world who listened to Infected Mushroom. Converting vegetarians si one of my favorite albums of all time.


    Not one thing looks even remotely appetizing and what are those things at the bottom of the pic supposed to be?