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    There… the turtle pic I refered to.


    NOW people will understand. Unfortunately, nobody will remember which post you are now referring to, where you referred to this turtle pic.

    Your “cutting edge-ness” has caught up with MCS, or, rather the other way around.


    Ok, then I will refer to my 9gag elitism as a show of snobbery, since all this gets posted there first. Yay!


    Heh, not sure I’d wave the 9gag flag too loftily. They don’t have the greatest reputation over there, and people might start to make assumptions about you.
    Frankly, I personally don’t care, but there are people who will judge you based on your browsing habits. Kinda sad, actually.
    Is it as scary over there as the general internet population would have you believe?


    Nah… I never comment there or even read the comments. Maybe that’s what they are talking about. Meh, let people judge away. I browse *chan too, and I don’t care. I find it not only sad, but also ignorant that people would judge someone based on a single site that they go to…